SARK7 is an international data analytics advisory.

Owner/Principal Scott Allen Mongeau provides data analytics strategy and solutions advising, including training and speaking, organizational planning, solutions design, and solutions implementation.


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    Best in Class
    SARK7 delivers data analytics organizational and technical advising to improve decision making in environments of complexity.

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    Established Expertise
    Scott Allen Mongeau has over 20 years of experience providing targeted analytics expertise: financial analysis, operations research / optimization, solutions design, systems implementation, training, and research.



"A key value proposition is the powerful combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques, blending both technical and organizational tools and methods."

Integrated Approach

"A powerful toolkit of analytical techniques and methods are applied to drive improved decision making, whether your challenge be risk reduction, operational efficiency, effective marketing, or strategic planning."

Targeted Solutions

Experience You Can Trust

"Business analytics has become its own domain of expertise, demanding a blend of technical, methodological, and organizational knowledge. It is a discipline grounded in evidence-based inquiry and asks, simply, how do we establish value-creating 'truth assertions' in the modern, complex enterprise?"
      - Scott Mongeau, Principal Analytics Consultant, SARK7

Scott Allen Mongeau is an experienced international business analytics consultant operating via SARK7. He realizes targeted value by meshing organizational insight, technical expertise, and commercial experience. Scott has over 20 years of experience in project-focused analytics functions in a range of industries, including management consulting, finance, banking, insurance, IT, biotech, pharma, high tech, software development, manufacturing, materials, law enforcement, and start-ups.

Scott brings the latest in advanced analytics technologies and methods to bear in project-based commercial settings. In addition to being trained in a variety of technical analytics software platforms, he holds an MBA, MA in Finance, GD in IT Management (as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar from the U.S. to Australia), and MA in Communications.

Scott lectures at the university level, gives frequent professional conference presentations, and is a part-time PhD researcher at Nyenrode Business University specializing in the organizational management of business analytics. Having lived and worked in a number of countries, Scott is a dual American and Dutch citizen (fully authorized to live and work both in the U.S. and EU), currently based in Leiden, Netherlands with easy access to Schiphol International Airport.