SARK7 provides analytics research, teaching, training, and advisory services.

Principal Dr Scott Allen Mongeau is a data analytics researcher, lecturer, and advisor.



"Data science demands interdisciplinary expertise, a blend of technical, quantitative, methodological, and organizational skills. It is a rigorous, evidence-based field which focuses on outcomes: refining decision making in the modern enterprise."
      - Scott Mongeau, Principal Data Scientist, SARK7

Dr Scott Allen Mongeau is an experienced international consulting data scientist. Scott has over 25 years of experience in project-focused data analytics functions across a range of industries, including management consulting, finance, banking, insurance, IT, biotech, pharma, high tech, software development, manufacturing, materials, fraud detection, law enforcement, security, cybersecurity, and start-ups.

Scott lectures at the university level, gives frequent professional conference presentations, and researches data science realted topics. Having lived and worked in a number of countries, Scott is a dual American and Dutch citizen (fully authorized to live and work both in the U.S. and EU), currently based in Leiden, Netherlands with easy access to Schiphol International Airport.

In addition to being trained in a variety of technical analytics software platforms, Scott holds a PhD, MBA, MA in Finance, GD in IT Management (Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar), and MA in Digital Communication Technology.